Stunning Sittee River River frontage, subdivided into 4 lots for Sale, Belize

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This 12.6-acre (5.1-hectare) parcel is in Belize, almost halfway between the coastal towns of Dangriga and Placentia. It sits on the quiet, mostly undeveloped south side of the Sittee River, just under a mile (1.5 kms) from the river’s mouth and the Barrier Reef, with the Caribbean Sea beyond. It is located downstream from Sittee River Village, one of the prettiest (and tidiest!) anywhere in Belize.

The Sittee is a navigable river and is deep enough to enable larger vessels to motor a considerable distance upstream, even a few miles further up-river from the property. There are no overhead power lines downstream of the parcel, so even tall-masted sailboats can easily reach the property from the river mouth in a matter of minutes.

As the owner, I have already done all the heavy lifting for you. I have already
subdivided the riverfront portion of the parcel into four identical 1.32-acre (0.534- hectare) lots.

If you built a 1,500 square-foot (457 square-meter) home on one of the four
waterfront lots, you could sell off the remaining three and generate sufficient funds to then cover your construction costs (and probably more!) for your house 1 . Or you can simply enjoy the quiet and pristine beauty of the entire parcel just for yourself,your family, and friends.

With water-only access, you have the seclusion and privacy of being on the quiet side of the river yet only a short hop from anywhere you need to go.

Access to the property is very convenient from the marina on the opposite side of the river, only 700 yards (640 meters) downstream. Crown land adjoins the rear of the property; no one can therefore build behind you, so your privacy is even further enhanced.

Total river frontage is 730 feet (222.5 meters), providing each of the four equal-sized lots with a generous 172.5 feet (52.6 meters) of waterfront. The remaining 40 feet (12.2 meters) of frontage is set aside for an easement that provides access to the large fifth lot at the rear of the parcel. The riverfront lots are 339.6 feet (103.52 meters) deep.

At the moment, the property has no services. You therefore have two options. If you build, you could opt for off-grid solar power. Or if you prefer electrical power,Belize Electric Ltd. (B.E.L.) can either string a line over the river or submerge and anchor it on the river-bed from the north bank. We encourage the second option; it makes the river more accessible for vessels (sailboats, especially) traveling further upstream.

As with electricity, potable water can be piped along the river-bed or a well can be drilled. The water table is not very deep. And as is commonplace with off-gridm parcels, a septic field addresses sewage issues.

The parcel is in its natural state with a large variety of native, fruit and coconut trees throughout. The following bird and wildlife species have been sited on or near the property:

– toucan – trogon – tapir
– hummingbird – parakeet – peccary
– motmot – wild duck – raccoon
– parrot – crocodile – coatimundi
– brown jay – manatee

The large (fifth) lot at the rear of the parcel is 6.77 acres (2.74 hectares) and measures 727.4 feet (221.72 meters) by 419.9 feet (127.99 meters). A survey has already been completed to show how the rear parcel can be further subdivided into four large lots, but no application has been started.

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